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Learning About the World Through Current Affairs
8 January 2018,

Today, we read our first newspaper article since school started last Tuesday. It’s about the white rhinoceros at the Singapore Zoo. Everyone was very keen to find out more about it and Ms. Rajeevi and I were pleasantly surprised to see such a simple tool could be used to provoke thinking, ask questions, provide answers and had meaningful conversations.

Many were enthusiastic to share about their prior knowledge. Noteworthy is Aidan, Sophie and Ashley all voiced their concerns about the animals being hunted down for their horns for medical uses. This led to our discussion about, “
What is the difference between endangered and extinct?

“Why were the white rhinoceros featured in The Sunday Times?” Many wanted to know and were delighted later to learn about the newly launched tour. Many will probably come home with a request to take the new tour!

We were impressed with the level of enthusiasm, participation and quality of sharing. Both of us agree that the children will benefit from such discussions especially in the learning domains of language and literacy and discovery of the world. This activity also ties in well with Montessori’s Peace Education and our membership of the global youth group,
Roots and Shoots.

To nurture positive learning dispositions such as engagement, reflectiveness, appreciation and sense of wonder and curiosity, we would like to invite your family participation by assisting your child to choose interesting newspaper or magazine articles, pamphlets, event promotional materials, etc. Look out for articles with pictures that are big, colourful and reflect the content of the article. These pictures will serve as visual aids to support a coherent and clear presentation. It will also be good if you can discuss the article with your child beforehand and find out what he or has learnt from it. Last but not least, try to incorporate peace education, eco-friendly messages, news about the animals, the environment and the human community. ~
Ms. Priti