Early Years Montessori

"The child is both hope and a promise for mankind."


The Images of EYM Children

We see children as strong and competent individuals whom, when surrounded with a community of supportive adults, are capable of doing what one of our children called, "good work".

Here are some qualities that one would see in them.
  • Our children work hard at completing tasks. They do not give up easily even though the tasks are challenging. A community of supportive peers and adults surrounds them.
  • Our children think about what they have done, seen, heard or felt in their daily experiences. Individually, amongst themselves and with their teachers, they learn to generate alternate ideas and gain new knowledge.
  • Our children recognise that everyone has personal qualities. Listening to others’ views and showing respect for each other help make them “peaceable” individuals.
  • Our children love to invent. They are flexible and can do things in different ways. Individually or collectively, they explore various ideas, talk about different possibilities and learn how to generate many solutions to their “problems”.
  • Our children are interested in the world around them. They are not afraid to ask questions on why things happen and how things work. They like to explore and discover the many wonders, big or small, around them.
  • Our children are engaged. They are immersed in learning and enjoy what they do. They actively seek new opportunities to learn without being asked. In short, they are on the way to discover the joy of learning.

Source: Nurturing Learning Dispositions, MOE, 2010.

Nurturing Active Learners and Proficient Users